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The weather has been cold, snowy and crappy, and I am so ready for spring. Unfortunately, the dreaded “polar vortex” is heading our way yet again, and we will be in the deep freeze until sometime in March. This does not make me happy.


Following is a list of some stupid things I’ve heard people say to me this winter (most do not live in Minnesota) and my responses to their silly statements.

1.  “When it’s hot in August, you’ll be missing the cold.” [My Mom in California] – I love you Mom, but are you mental? Miss wind chills of -30???!!! No. That will never happen.

2.  “Oh, it’s been really hot here. The temperature was 90 the other day! I’d rather have your cold than our hot weather.”  [My sister in California] – Did you seriously just say that to me?

3. “This is god’s judgment on an ungodly world.” [Religious Neighbor] –  That’s just silly…And a bit stupid, really.

4. “The Polar Vortex is returning, right now it appears it will be over us for the next two weeks. Something to look forward to! [Local Meteorologist, joking]  – That is NOT funny.

5. “Bet you miss California right now!” [My brother] –  Does not deserve a response, just a blank stare.