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Last night was the first night in many, many months that I was able to sleep with my window open. It felt so good to feel the cool night breeze as I drifted off to sleep, and I slept better than I have in months. It was so nice to wake up to the sound of birds singing and to smell the fresh air, and especially to not hear the hum of the heater for a change.


The day was beautiful, so at lunch I decided to head out for a walk. I’m lucky that my place of work is right next to a lake, which isn’t all that uncommon here in Minnesota. I headed out feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed by some things I’m dealing with in my life right now, but found that the longer I walked, the more those things that were bothering me just fell away. All that mattered was the feeling of the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair and the sounds of nature around me. Although the trees are just beginning to bud and the grass is only starting to reveal itself, I could feel spring in every step and every breath I took. It was wonderful. When I went back in to work, I felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back to the business at hand, and although the issues that cause me to feel overwhelmed still exist, I don’t feel as stressed.

It’s amazing how just a bit of nature and fresh air can make you feel alive again. Tomorrow a thunder storm is predicted…I love the spring…

Note: Picture above was taken today with my phone. I just liked the sunlight through the branches.